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Daniel B.

Book Cover Illustratio / USA, 2023

"Madli is immensely talented and so easy to work with. She listened carefully, took feedback well, and was dedicated to making my (sometimes poorly described) vision for the cover illustration of my debut YA novel come to life. In addition, Madli answered questions, explained the process patiently, and was extremely friendly. Most of all, her work is absolutely beautiful, and she created something that will look right at home on a YA bookshelf but at the same time looks absolutely unique. I couldn't have been happier with the experience!"

Brittany J.

Book Cover Illustration & Design / USA, 2023

"Madli was everything I could have ever hoped for. I appreciated that she met with me in person to go over what I expected from the design. She asked good questions that helped us decide on a direction to go. Madli worked well with my schedule and budget and was very accommodating when I had to push the deadline back. The art she created for my book cover is so beautiful I can't stop looking at it. It has symbolism, deep emotion and clear typography. Working with her has been a dream. I highly recommend it."

Wendy H.

Book Cover Design / USA, 2023


"Madli was amazing! This is my first book and she did a great job refining my book covers. She was professional in her communication too. She gave me good advice and suggestions. I would definitely work with her again."

Laura R.

Book Cover Illustration & Design / USA, 2023

"Working with Madli was a wonderful experience! My book cover greatly benefited from her professional knowledge, creativity, talent, and skill. Despite the time difference for communication, she was always responsive in a timely manner, with in a day or two. She was a true collaborator, asking questions and adapting the work based on my feedback, resulting in a beautiful cover that brought my vision to life and is sure to draw in readers as well. Would highly recommend her to other self-publishing authors."

Lauren K.

Book Cover Illustration & Design / UK, 2023


"Madli was incredible - not only was the cover stunning, but she was both professional and lovely to chat with. I'll certainly keep her in mind for future projects!"

Kirk D.

Book Cover Illustration & Design / USA, 2022


"Absolute fantastic experience working with Madli, I would HIGHLY recommend working with her. She has a unique, individual style that she brings to her art, and at the same time, she is open to exploring different ideas. I don't think there is a genre or concept she couldn't tackle, so if you're an author struggling to find the right designer to bring your cover idea to life, give Madli a try.
I had a specific and potentially unusual idea for my book cover, and I was worried I wouldn't be able to find an artist who could do it justice. But Madli didn't hesitate to dive right in and start creating it, and she embraced the project with enthusiasm. She found a way to take what was in my head and bring it to life. And actually, the result was a book cover that far exceeded what I even imagined was possible!
As a bonus, Madli is also knowledgable about certain aspects of self-publish
ing, which was so helpful to me as this was my first book as an independent author. So she was able to answer some questions I had along the way.
In summary, Madli is a great collaborator, very easy to work with, supportive of the author, and of course, a brilliant artist."

Nathan W.

Book Cover Design / USA, 2022


"Madli was a joy to work with. As my first novel there was still a lot I didn’t understand and she helped me to better understand the ins and outs of design."

Karolina M.

Book Interior Illustration / Costa Rica, 2022


"Madli was working with me on a complex internal illustration for my book that included five characters and background full of symbols. Not only she managed to capture the mood of characters and create a beautiful scenery for them with her creative talent, but she also perfectly handled technical aspects of the right placement, composition, and colour balance. When I opened the first colourful draft she provided, I was excited, touched, and impressed how much she understood my story and significantly enriched it with her art. We barely needed to make any additional changes, but when we did – she handled the process in the most professional and pleasant manner. The result is stunning. I consider her illustration as an essential contribution to the success of my book. I personally also admire her as an artist and person as well."

Lauren D.

Book Cover Design & Interior Illustrations / USA, 2022

"Madli is amazing. I'm so impressed with her skills in interior and exterior book design. I am so appreciative."

Nick S.

Book Cover Illustration & Design / USA, 2022

"Best artist I have ever worked with. Super professional and very skilled. My final cover was exactly what I wanted and I've already had multiple people remark on how beautiful it is."

Michele H.

Book Interior Illustrations / USA, 2022

"Madli stood out from the crowd right from the beginning with her prompt replies and professionalism. She wanted to really understand our project and set up a face time so could get to know one another and so she could best understand our needs. The whole experience was a blessing from start to finish and all at a very fair price. You want regret giving Madli a try – she even thought of design elements and questions that I didn’t even know to ask about. Madli is a true gem!"

Michael C.

Book Cover / USA, 2021

"It was a joy working with Madli. She was very understanding and knew exactly what an aspiring author needs to self publish."

Monica R.

Book Cover Illustration & Design / USA, 2021

"I cannot recommend Madli enough. Not only is she incredibly talented and creative but she is the loveliest human being and such a pleasure to work with.Madli took the time to really understand my vision for the cover and went above and beyond  in her work to prepare. Throughout the design process, she was in close communication and was always responsive to feedback and trying things out. The final result is an absolutely stunning book cover that I cannot wait to release. I highly recommend working with Madli."

Daniel L.

Book Cover Illustration & Design / USA, 2021

"My experience with working with Madli was amazing! She brought the image that I had in mind to life. Madli followed my creative direction and worked on every detail of the cover of my book. She made sure that I was not forgetting anything in the the customisation of my cover. This added guidance was assuring for me as I have never worked with an Illustrator before. I would definitely recommend Madli to any author as she is very skilled and delivered a high quality final product."

Elissa E.

Book Cover Illustration / USA, 2021

"Working with Madli has been hands down the best experience I have ever had with an artist. I am always wary about working with people online but Madli from the start has created a welcoming and comfortable environment for us to work in. She helped me with a cover design and I was blown away by how much time and consideration went into the project. I am so happy with the results and can’t wait to commission her for my other covers. If there  is any advice I would give to a writer looking for an artist is to hire Madli asap! Thanks again Madli!”

Amanda B.

Book Cover Illustration & Design / USA, 2021

"Madli is incredibly talented as an artist. Her full portfolio, is breathtaking. She is highly professional and prompt, and very knowledgable about designing book covers for ebook and print. I highly recommend her. Her unique and beautiful style stands out and makes her the top choice for a project that requires something a little different from other cover illustrators.”

Ryan S.

Book Cover Illustration & Book interior Illustrations / USA, 2021

"Madli is an incredible artist and I absolutely recommend her services. I have worked with her over the last few months and she has done nothing but an outstanding job. Not only is she truly great at what she does, she is a very kind and caring person. She works very hard and will always go above and beyond for her clients. She is a pleasure to work with and if I had the opportunity to work with her again, I would do so without hesitation."

Lucy F.

Book Cover Illustration & Design / USA, 2021

"Madli is wonderful to work with. She has such a unique style to her designs, brings so much creativity to products, and is incredibly good at sticking to schedules as well as being easy to communicate with. Thank you so much for my book cover!”

Peggy K. B.

Book Cover Illustration & Design / USA, 2020

"Madli is a delightful person and a serious artist. I needed three cover illustrations (print and ebook) for my trilogy. Madli invested the time needed to understand and direct my vision toward a unified concept for all three covers before putting "pencil to paper" to sketch her interpretations. Faithful to my vision, these sketches were far superior to any expression I could have imagined. And in composition, color, and attention to detail, the final illustrations were inspirational! Even now I am touched by their beauty. I'm amazed at my luck in finding such a talented artist and impeccable professional. Thank you, again, Madli!”

Kirsten B. W.

Book Cover Illustration & Design / USA, 2020

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Madli or her work. Her ability to hone in on the smallest details and capture the energy of the work is impeccable. She is professional, responsive, and the best artist and illustrator I’ve ever worked with on a project. She is someone I will continue to utilize for many projects to come

Antonio R.

Book Cover Illustration & Design / USA, 2020

"If you're reading this, it's probably because you've been struck by Madli's beautiful artwork. You're trying to picture your cover in the right style, trying to imagine how it will look. Well, the same happened to me. I saw Madli's work and knew instantly that I NEEDED to work with her.

I can't explain how happy I was when I heard back from her. From the moment we started, she was extremely kind and compassionate. No ego, no gloating about her work, just pure joy from what she does. We stayed in touch the whole time, and she addressed all of my needs/ questions. And in the end, we created a beautiful cover for my novel!”

Maria-Victoria S.

Book Cover Illustration & Design / Norway, 2020

"Madli is an exceptionally talented artist and a professional with the highest standards of excellence. She produced an exquisite book cover for me and she will - without hesitation - be my first choice on all future illustration projects. Madli is a lovely person and a pure delight to work with. I give her my highest recommendation.”

Robert D.

Book Cover Illustration & Design / USA, 2020

"Madli was great to work with. She was very responsive and had great input as well to my project. She was very focused on understanding what I wanted and delivery that. Most importantly she is an amazing artist and did a fantastic job with my book cover!”

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