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Images is showing illustrated book cover to promote cover art services by processional cover artist.








 Featuring original hand-painted illustrations, you can be sure  your book stands out from the rest.


12 Step Help Guide For Self-Publishing Authors


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Allison_Cover_NEW colours.jpg

Allison W.

Book Cover Illustration & Design  / USA, 2024

"Madli was a pleasure to work with and super professional from the get-go. This is my first time commissioning a book cover, and she was super patient with walking me through the process. Also, she really made me feel like she was invested in creating the best cover for my story; she asked a ton of questions and listened to my sometimes rambly thoughts on what I wanted the cover to convey. The cover turned out absolutely beautiful, and I'm so excited to work with Madli to finish the overall sleeve/cover once I finish writing. Highly, highly recommend! :)"

28. Cover_Blood Red Rose 1_Front.jpg

Damian W.

Book Cover Illustration & Design / USA, 2024

"I went through two different artists and spent $1,000 before I discovered Madli. She was professional and thorough throughout the entire process and really helped me figure out how I wanted the cover for my book to be. She kept in contact throughout the entire process and really worked with me to bring my ideas to the page. I was thrilled to receive the final copies of the cover as unlike with the previous two that I had worked with, looking at the work Madli had done I just knew this is the designer I wanted to work with on future projects. Will definitely be working with her again for the future books in my series."

Open At Rock Bottom Book Cover Art and Design for Self-Publishing

Laura R.

Book Cover Illustration & Design  / USA, 2023

"Working with Madli was a wonderful experience! My book cover greatly benefited from her professional knowledge, creativity, talent, and skill. Despite the time difference for communication, she was always responsive in a timely manner, with in a day or two. She was a true collaborator, asking questions and adapting the work based on my feedback, resulting in a beautiful cover that brought my vision to life and is sure to draw in readers as well. Would highly recommend her to other self-publishing authors."


Dan B.

Book Cover Illustration  / USA, 2023

"Madli is immensely talented and so easy to work with. She listened carefully, took feedback well, and was dedicated to making my (sometimes poorly described) vision for the cover illustration of my debut YA novel come to life. In addition, Madli answered questions, explained the process patiently, and was extremely friendly. Most of all, her work is absolutely beautiful, and she created something that will look right at home on a YA bookshelf but at the same time looks absolutely unique. I couldn't have been happier with the experience!"

To Catch A Falling Star Book Cover Art and Design for Self-Publishing

Monica R.

Book Cover Illustration & Design  / USA, 2022

"I cannot recommend Madli enough. Not only is she incredibly talented and creative but she is the loveliest human being and such a pleasure to work with.
Madli took the time to really understand my vision for the cover and went above and beyond in her work to prepare. Throughout the design process, she was in close communication and was always responsive to feedback and trying things out.
The final result is an absolutely stunning book cover that I cannot wait to release. I highly recommend working with Madli."

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Illustrated book covers are great way to stand out.

No photo manipulations. No AI. All my covers are hand-painted

by me, a professional Cover Artist, to fit your book. 


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