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Images is showing illustrated book cover to promote cover art services by processional cover artist.








 Featuring original hand-painted illustrations, you can be sure  your book stands out from the rest.


12 Step Help Guide For Self-Publishing Authors


I have created a 12-step guide, to help authors during their

self-publishing journey. It's available now, simply

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TheNorthStar Book Cover Art and Design for Self-Publishing

Brittany J.

Book Cover / USA, 2023

"Madli was everything I could have ever hoped for. I appreciated that she met with me in person to go over what I expected from the design. She asked good questions that helped us decide on a direction to go. Madli worked well with my schedule and budget and was very accommodating when I had to push the deadline back. The art she created for my book cover is so beautiful I can't stop looking at it. It has symbolism, deep emotion and clear typography. Working with her has been a dream. I highly recommend it."

Open At Rock Bottom Book Cover Art and Design for Self-Publishing

Laura R.

Book Cover / USA, 2023

"Working with Madli was a wonderful experience! My book cover greatly benefited from her professional knowledge, creativity, talent, and skill. Despite the time difference for communication, she was always responsive in a timely manner, with in a day or two. She was a true collaborator, asking questions and adapting the work based on my feedback, resulting in a beautiful cover that brought my vision to life and is sure to draw in readers as well. Would highly recommend her to other self-publishing authors."

Elemestrin Book Cover Art and Design for Self-Publishing

Lauren K.

Book Cover / USA, 2023

"Madli was incredible - not only was the cover stunning, but she was both professional and lovely to chat with. I'll certainly keep her in mind for future projects!"

Kirk D.

Book Cover / USA, 2022

Soaking Dead Book Cover Art and Design for Self-Publishing

"Absolute fantastic experience working with Madli, I would HIGHLY recommend working with her. She has a unique, individual style that she brings to her art, and at the same time, she is open to exploring different ideas. I don't think there is a genre or concept she couldn't tackle, so if you're an author struggling to find the right designer to bring your cover idea to life, give Madli a try.
I had a specific and potentially unusual idea for my book cover, and I was worried I wouldn't be able to find an artist who could do it justice. But Madli didn't hesitate to dive right in and start creating it, and she embraced the project with enthusiasm. She found a way to take what was in my head and bring it to life. And actually, the result was a book cover that far exceeded what I even imagined was possible!"

To Catch A Falling Star Book Cover Art and Design for Self-Publishing

Monica R.

Book Cover / USA, 2022

"I cannot recommend Madli enough. Not only is she incredibly talented and creative but she is the loveliest human being and such a pleasure to work with.
Madli took the time to really understand my vision for the cover and went above and beyond in her work to prepare. Throughout the design process, she was in close communication and was always responsive to feedback and trying things out.
The final result is an absolutely stunning book cover that I cannot wait to release. I highly recommend working with Madli."

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Illustrated book covers are great way to stand out.

No photo manipulations. No AI. All my covers are hand-painted

by me, a professional Cover Artist, to fit your book. 


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